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Cala Benirrás

Cala Benirrás

In the north of Ibiza, cradled amidst steep cliffs and embraced by pine-clad hills, lies Cala Benirrás – a beach that sings. More than just a place to bask in the sun or take a refreshing dip, Cala Benirrás is a symphony of sights and sounds. Its famous Sunday drumming sessions, where beats resonate with the setting sun, weave a tapestry of tradition and nature, binding all who visit in a shared, rhythmic reverie.

When the amber hues of the setting sun dance upon the gentle waves, and the silhouettes of the local drummers become one with the evening, Cala Benirrás transforms. It's not just a beach, but a celebration of life, culture, and the timeless connection between humans and the cosmos.

Location and Facilities:

Nestled on the northern shores of Ibiza, Cala Benirrás is easily accessible by road. Its facilities, designed to cater to the needs of its visitors, include ample parking, sun loungers, umbrellas, and a selection of beachside eateries. Whether you're here for a day or an evening, the amenities ensure a comfortable experience.

Beachside Symphony:

The true spirit of Cala Benirrás emerges every Sunday evening.

Beachside Symphony:

The true spirit of Cala Benirrás emerges every Sunday evening. As the sun begins its descent, casting a golden hue over the waters, drummers from all walks of life congregate on the sandy shores. Their beats, spontaneous and free, harmonize with the natural rhythms of the waves. These drumming sessions, deeply rooted in the island's culture, serve as an homage to the end of another beautiful week, creating an ambiance that's both festive and meditative.

Recommendations and Tips:

If you're planning a visit, aim to arrive early on a Sunday to secure a good spot, as the beach tends to fill up quickly in anticipation of the drumming ritual. Don't forget to pack a blanket or mat to sit on, and perhaps some refreshments to enjoy as you immerse yourself in the auditory spectacle. For the more adventurous, the surrounding cliffs offer a vantage point for a unique perspective of the drumming below.

Dining by the Rhythms:

Several charming beachfront restaurants and bars dot the coastline of Cala Benirrás. Here, you can savor traditional Ibizan dishes, fresh seafood, and refreshing cocktails, all while being serenaded by the distant beats of the drums. The dining experience in Cala Benirrás is as much about the ambiance as it is about the cuisine.

Accommodations with a Melody:

For those seeking an extended stay, the area boasts a range of accommodations. From boutique hotels offering panoramic sea views to cozy beachside huts, you're assured a restful night accompanied by the gentle lullabies of nature.

Cala Benirrás is not just a beach; it's a living testament to Ibiza's rich cultural tapestry and the island's deep connection to nature. The weekly drumming sessions, set against a backdrop of a fiery sunset, offer a transformative experience that stays with you long after the last beat fades. In the heart of Ibiza, Cala Benirrás beats with a rhythm all its own, a rhythm that beckons to the soul and invites all to partake in its dance.

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