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Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella

Tucked away on Ibiza's enchanting east coast lies a secret that gastronomes and beach lovers cherish in whispered conversations: Cala Mastella. A diminutive cove, it holds within its embrace the serenity of azure waters, the whisper of winds through surrounding trees, and the tantalizing aroma of freshly caught seafood wafting from the famed El Bigote restaurant. In Cala Mastella, nature's splendor and culinary excellence unite in an intimate dance.

How to Reach Cala Mastella:

Accessible primarily by car, the route to Cala Mastella offers glimpses of Ibiza's verdant beauty. From Santa Eulalia, head northward, following signs to San Carlos. From there, a smaller road, flanked by traditional Ibizan landscapes, leads you to this hidden gem. Parking is limited, so arriving early is advisable.

Why Make the Trip:

Cala Mastella isn't just another beach destination—it's an experience. The cove's seclusion lends it an air of intimacy, making it a haven for those seeking serenity. The pièce de résistance, however, is El Bigote. This legendary fish restaurant, often booked days in advance, offers an authentic culinary journey that celebrates the ocean's bounty.

Things to Do and Savour:

  1. Gastronomic Delights at El Bigote: The restaurant is famed for its bullit de peix, a traditional Ibizan fish stew. It's advisable to book in advance, given its popularity.

  2. Beachside Leisure: The cove's waters are ideal for a gentle swim or snorkeling to observe the underwater life.

  3. Scenic Strolls: Take leisurely walks around, soaking in the vistas of cliffs and greenery that frame this tiny cove.

Nearby Accommodations:

While Cala Mastella exudes an untouched vibe, the town of Santa Eulalia is a short drive away and offers a range of accommodations. Whether you prefer rustic agritourism, boutique hotels, or luxurious resorts, the region caters to every preference.

Insider Tips:

  • El Bigote does not accept credit cards, so carrying cash is essential.
  • To truly savor the El Bigote experience, aim for the lunch slot where you can watch fish being grilled over an open wood fire.
  • Beach amenities are sparse, so come prepared with essentials like water, towels, and sun protection.

In Cala Mastella, the essence of Ibiza comes alive. The mingling scents of saltwater and delectable seafood, the gentle lapping of waves, and the sheer tranquility make it an unmissable spot. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast eager to sample Ibizan flavors or a traveler seeking an untouched coastal paradise, Cala Mastella beckons with promises of unforgettable moments.

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