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Cova Santa Ibiza

Cova Santa Ibiza

Cova Santa Ibiza is an enchanting retreat tucked away in the southern landscapes of Ibiza, offering a unique blend of dining, drinking, and dancing under one roof. This venue marries intimacy with opulence, natural beauty with luxurious comfort, creating an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

A Secluded Sanctuary

Set apart from the island's bustling beach clubs and urban nightspots, Cova Santa offers a serene hideaway. Its rustic setting invites guests to relax in peaceful surroundings before embarking on a night of excitement and entertainment.

Gastronomic Delights to Dance Beats

Managed by the renowned Amnesia group, Cova Santa's restaurant serves up culinary masterpieces that delight both the palate and the spirit. Dining here transcends the meal itself, setting the stage for an evening that seamlessly transitions from gourmet dining to energetic dancing, with club access as a dining perk.

The Clubbing Evolution

Originally famed for its exclusive after-parties featuring the likes of Marco Carola, Cova Santa has since transformed its clubbing offerings. Regular events like woomoon and Shadows have established the venue as a summer staple, often allowing guests to enjoy the beats without an entry fee, attracting big-name DJs and a lively crowd.

A Distinct Ibiza Adventure

The charm of Cova Santa extends beyond its events and cuisine. It offers an alternative to the typical Ibiza nightlife, allowing visitors to appreciate the island's beauty, exceptional service, and stellar parties under the stars.

Plan Your Visit

Given its secluded location, reaching Cova Santa may require a taxi, but the destination justifies the journey, offering a unique night out that blends tranquility with vibrant energy.

Cova Santa Ibiza represents the diverse allure of Ibiza's nightlife, appealing to those in search of an experience that is both cozy and exhilarating. As a key part of Ibiza's clubbing landscape, it beautifully intertwines the old with the new, showcasing the multifaceted charm of the island.

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