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DC10 Ibiza

DC10 Ibiza

DC10 Ibiza embodies the quintessence of underground club culture on an island known for its diverse nightlife tapestry. This club, with its deep-rooted history and staunch dedication to a unique cultural ethos, celebrates the untamed spirit of music like no other venue on Ibiza.

Unconventional Beginnings

Originating from a repurposed aircraft hangar in 1986 by the Lara brothers, Sito and Antonio, DC10 was initially an under-the-radar dance haven. Its name, paying homage to the classic but now obsolete DC10 aircraft, symbolizes its humble yet ambitious start. The club's ascent to fame was catalyzed in 2002 with the inception of Circoloco, a genre-defying Monday event that rapidly became the hallmark of Ibiza's alternative club scene.

An Architectural Oddity

DC10's charm lies not just in its sound but in its distinctive spatial design:

  • The Terrace: Transformed from an open-air dancefloor to a covered haven in 2006, this space is now the pulsating heart of the club.
  • The Club Room: A more enclosed area offering a more personal clubbing experience.
  • The Garden: An alfresco area where the music blends seamlessly with the Ibizan night sky.

DC10 steadfastly eschews the mainstream clubbing trends of VIP sections and high-production values, maintaining its core as a sanctuary for music purists.

Auditory and Visual Identity

In 2018, DC10 upgraded to Powersoft speakers, enhancing its sound quality without compromising its vibe. The club's visual aesthetic is intentionally minimalist, dominated by red spotlights that mirror Circoloco's iconic branding, setting a stark contrast to the more flamboyant lighting of other clubs.

Iconic Experiences

The club's proximity to Ibiza's airport adds to its unique experience, with the sight of airplanes flying overhead becoming a memorable aspect of the DC10 experience. This playful interaction with the island's aviation has become a part of the club's identity.

Global Influence

Circoloco's partnership with DC10 transcends Ibiza, establishing a global footprint as a vanguard of house and techno music. However, it's within DC10's walls where the spirit of Circoloco truly resonates.

DC10's narrative is one of resilience, authenticity, and perpetual innovation, overcoming regulatory hurdles and closures to preserve its unique contribution to Ibiza's club scene. It represents more than a night out; it's an initiation into the raw heart of Ibiza's underground movement, offering an experience that echoes the soulful depth of the island's eclectic rhythms.

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