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DC10 Privilege Ibiza

DC10 Privilege Ibiza

DC10 Ibiza: The Pinnacle of Underground Clubbing

Ibiza's rich tapestry of nightclubs offers a plethora of experiences, yet none quite capture the raw, authentic essence of the island's underground scene as much as DC10. Rooted in its unique history and unwavering commitment to a distinct ethos, DC10 is a celebration of music's unbridled spirit.

Genesis of a Legend

The beginnings of DC10 were as unconventional as the club's vibe today. In 1986, when brothers Sito and Antonio Lara transformed a discarded aircraft hangar into an intimate dancefloor, little did they realize they were sowing the seeds of a global sensation. The choice of its name – a nod to the now-defunct aircraft model, DC10 – was emblematic of its beginnings.

However, the club's meteoric rise to global acclaim didn't transpire until 2002. This was the year Circoloco, an event unshackled from musical genres, was birthed. Curated by Italian promoters Andrea Pelino and Antonio Carbonaro, this Monday party quickly rose to challenge the dominance of established venues and carved a niche of its own.

A Space Beyond Conventions

The allure of DC10 isn't just in its music but its unconventional spaces:

  • The Terrace: This original dancefloor, once fully open to the skies until 2006, is now the heart of DC10, hosting headline DJs and drawing the largest crowds.

  • The Club Room: Nestled adjacent to the Terrace, this indoor space captures the essence of intimate clubbing.

  • The Garden: An open-air stage, flanked by bars, where dancers can lose themselves under the stars.

DC10, despite its growing popularity, champions an ethos distinct from the glitzy superclubs of Ibiza. Holding onto its essence of underground culture, the club does not pander to the VIP trend or excessive production setups. Instead, it remains a sanctum for purists.

Sonic Excellence

A 2018 overhaul of DC10's sound system brought in Powersoft speakers, ensuring that the beats remain as impeccable as the vibe. The club's lighting, in stark contrast to other venues, is deliberately minimal, with red spotlights predominant, reflecting the iconic colors of Circoloco.

Moments and Memories

A DC10 experience is incomplete without the signature sight of airplanes soaring overhead, a nod to its proximity to Ibiza's airport. The legendary aircraft, once adorning the club's gates and causing playful confusion among pilots, further cements DC10's association with flight.

Carving a Global Niche

The marriage between DC10 and Circoloco is not just restricted to Ibiza. Today, Circoloco is recognized worldwide as a beacon of underground house and techno music. Yet, it's in the hallowed grounds of DC10 in Ibiza where this iconic party finds its true home.

DC10's story is one of defiance, authenticity, and evolution. Despite challenges, including licensing issues and temporary closures, its spirit remains undeterred. The club stands as a testament to Ibiza's ever-evolving music scene, consistently redefining the boundaries of clubbing. For many, a night at DC10 isn't just a party; it's a rite of passage, a dance with the very soul of Ibiza's underground scene.

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