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Italyure Yachts — 12 Comfort

Italyure Yachts — 12 Comfort

Italyure Yachts represents the pinnacle of nautical evolution, emerging from the storied shipbuilding heritage of the former Apreamare area. This magnificent fleet stands as a testament to the fusion of history and modern innovation, redefining the essence of maritime luxury.

At the heart of Italyure Yachts lies the exaltation of comfort, brought to life through an unparalleled design that blends functionality with aesthetic elegance. Each yacht is a sanctuary of relaxation, equipped with a plethora of accessories to ensure an opulent experience on the seas. The deck, adorned with the finest teak and a wooden bandeau head, radiates an aura of sophistication, making every moment aboard an elegant affair.

The yacht's interior is a haven of luxury, featuring a refined double sofa set around a stylish coffee table, creating the perfect lounge environment. This space is further enhanced by a practical roller blind, offering shade and privacy. The bow area, complete with sofas and a coffee table, dedicates generous space to a lavish sundeck. Thoughtfully designed, this area is also equipped to accommodate mini refrigerators and other conveniences, ensuring every need is catered to.

Italyure Yachts are not just about exterior grandeur; the interior spaces are a marvel of intelligent design. The expansive and comfortable kitchen offers a range of solutions to suit any culinary requirement. Accommodation includes a double cabin with two single beds, promising a restful retreat after a day of maritime adventure. The bathroom is a masterpiece of comfort, equipped with a full array of amenities to provide a serene and luxurious experience.

The construction of the hull and deck showcases the zenith of shipbuilding craftsmanship. Utilizing fiberglass with vinylester resin and glass fiber coating, the yachts are built with the advanced INFUSION method, ensuring durability and performance. The finish, geglaat in style, highlights the meticulous attention to detail. The solid teak deck covering and the superior finishes are the work of skilled artisans in the nautical carpentry sector, ensuring that each yacht from Italyure is not just a vessel, but a work of art.


  • Year of construction: 2022
  • Length: 12,00 m
  • Beam: 3,60 m
  • Engine: 2 x 270 HP M3.0 MecCruiser
  • Approximate consumption: 120 l/h
  • Sail locations: 11 + Captain
  • Cabin: 2
  • Badroom: 4 people
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Kitchen: 1




  • Electronic handcuffs
  • Joystick manovrabile McCruiser
  • Vhf DCS module with receiver and auto-speaker
  • Echo sounder module
  • Fusion Package: BB100 stereo, n.4 self-speaker (2 internal and 4 external), remote control, integration with dashboard monitor, n° 2 additional speakers in the bow, stereo amplifier.
  • Stern cabin
  • Additional internal refrigerator 49 L
  • Bandleader in solid teak instead of painted mahogany
  • T TOP:T TOP system with manual roller blind; n.2 carbon fiber candlesticks; Blacked lexan windows, T TOP lighting
  • Stern 2 sofa package with teak opening table;
  • Bow furniture package: teak bow table with removable foot
  • External courtesy lights
  • Secret Luminous Bow
  • Glossy interior courtesy
  • Indoor air conditioning



  • June and September: € 1,900.00 + VAT

  • July and August: € 2.200,00 + VAT

  • Rest of the year: € 1,700.00 + VAT



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