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Pikes Ibiza

Pikes Ibiza

Pikes Ibiza stands as a beacon of bohemian luxury amidst the lush landscapes of Ibiza, not far from San Antonio. Founded in the 1970s by Tony Pike, this legendary spot has welcomed a roster of the global elite, encapsulating the timeless magnetism of the island.

Celebrity Encounters and Iconic Scenes

Pikes is steeped in history, where dancing in spaces frequented by stars like Freddie Mercury isn't just possible; it's part of the charm. The Mercury Suite pays homage to the Queen singer's numerous visits, immortalizing the spirit of extravagance and celebration.

The hotel's pool, famous for its starring role in Wham's 'Club Tropicana' video, has transformed from a serene retreat into a symbol of musical heritage, drawing fans and enthusiasts to its storied waterside.

A Timeless Retreat

Even after its acquisition by the Ibiza Rocks Group in 2011, Pikes has preserved its bohemian essence, serving as a living narrative of opulent festivities, secret rendezvous, and legendary parties that speak to a bygone era of absolute liberty and joy.

An Intimate Fiesta

Pikes captivates not with imposing stages or dazzling pyrotechnics but through its simplicity and intimacy. It offers the warmth of a house party set within an expansive villa, set against the picturesque Ibizan countryside, fostering a sense of community among guests.

This venue remains a hidden gem, its allure rooted in its selectiveness and the unique, expressive atmosphere it offers to those who find their way there.

Crafting the Pikes Experience

Pikes offers a distinctive take on nightlife, with a schedule that diverges from the norm, featuring an eclectic mix of musical styles that ensures no two visits are alike. Planning is key, as the venue doesn't operate on a nightly basis and often requires guests to be listed in advance through their website, though typically without an entrance fee.

Pikes Ibiza is a crossroads of history and modernity, where narratives of yesteryears merge with the beats of today. It stands as an essential destination for those seeking an experience that's deeply rooted in the authentic, wild spirit of Ibiza, offering a glimpse into a world of unadulterated pleasure and artistic freedom.

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